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If you are a beginner in the electric bass this is your place, in this web you will find:

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To be able to play the electric bass the first thing you have to do is to know how to tune it.
Check out our lesson on how to tune an electric bass guitar.

You should also learn how to play bass tablature.
Check out our guide to learn how to read bass tablature.

Cool ? this is your site of bass guitar lessons online…and all these free bass lessons for beginners they are going to start !

The first bass lesson beginner is:

Learn Rhythm for the Electric Bass

Look at these 4 bass rhythm exercises, play it accurate and slowly.

bass rhythm lesson for beginners

Now let’s see a new rhythm lesson for bass.
Working with the metronome is important. You have to try to play as precisely as possible rhythmically.
This bass lesson includes musical notes with half and quartet values.


Bass Guitar

A bass guitar is an electrically amplified stringed instrument. Similar in appearance to an electric guitar but often have a larger body and a longer scale length neck.

The majority of bass guitars feature four strings that are tuned an octave lower than on the electric guitar.

Other types of bass include fretless and acoustic hollow-bodied.

The electric bass guitars replaced the double bass in most popular music since it was introduced in the 1950’s. It provides the low pitched bass runs and bass lines.

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