Inversions of Chords

chord inversions

Contents1 What are Chord Inversions2 Triads Inversions2.1 Root Position2.2 First Inversion2.3 Second Inversion3 Tetrads Inversions3.1 Third Inversion4 Hybrid Chords – Inverted Extension Chords5 How to use chord inversions?6 Leading Voices In this music lesson you will learn what chord inversions are and why you should use them. Ready to take your chords to the next … Read moreInversions of Chords

Finger and Wrist pain from Guitar Playing

guitar wrist pain

Contents1 How to deal with finger pain from playing Guitar and Bass?2 Wrist Finguers and Hand Stretching Pain, Injuries, blister and Sore hand while learning guitar. Do these sound familiar to you? 😫😭🤕 Sore fingers and wrists tendonitis I can still recall that when I first started learning and practicing my guitar lessons, my hands … Read moreFinger and Wrist pain from Guitar Playing

Role of the Bass – Bass Guitar Function

bass guitar function

Contents1 What is the function of the electric bass1.1 Rhythmic function of the electric bass1.2 Melodic function of the electric bass1.3 Role of the bass as a solo instrument2 ¿How is the bass function in music styles?2.1 The electric bass in the blues2.2 The electric bass in funk2.3 The electric bass in jazz2.4 The electric … Read moreRole of the Bass – Bass Guitar Function

How Many Strings Does a Bass Guitar Have

how many strings does a bass guitar have

Contents1 How many strings does a standard bass have1.1 Standard bass with 4 strings2 Extended range basses2.1 Basses with 5 single strings2.2 Single 6-string bass2.3 Basses with 7 to 12 single strings Many curious bass players, beginners, friends, family members, always ask us the same question when we tell them we are bass players: “but, … Read moreHow Many Strings Does a Bass Guitar Have

What is the Difference Between Guitar and Bass

bass and guitar differencies

Contents1 ✅1. The size of the instrument2 ✅2. the number of strings3 ✅3. String thickness4 ✅4. Note frequency5 ✅5. The musical function Many people who want to learn to play a stringed instrument are torn between the guitar and the bass. And that question of “What are the differences between a guitar and an electric … Read moreWhat is the Difference Between Guitar and Bass