Frequently Asked Questions about the Electric Bass

Frequently Asked Questions about the Electric Bass

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Easy. Thousands of users perform hundreds of searches a day on the Internet about the electric bass, although it is becoming an increasingly popular instrument, there are still many unknowns and stigmas about the bass. Something that drives many people to search the web or Google, hoping to find the best answer to their doubts.But of course, the Internet is increasingly collapsed with content, and it is common to find thousands of results for a single question.And, of course, another question arises: of all those results, “which one will be the best?”

What users ask about bass

Most of the frequently asked questions that users ask about the electric bass are related to learning, i.e., they are looking to solve doubts about how to play this instrument, or questions related to notes, techniques, scales, etc. However, we are pleasantly surprised by the increase of questions about the instrument itself, and its role in music, which shows that more and more people are interested and discovering the exciting world of the electric bass.

This shows that more and more people are interested in and discovering the exciting world of the electric bass, and that there are more and more of us in the community of bassists and groove lovers, as we know very well as a website specialized in bass accessories.

We receive hundreds of visitors every day who are looking to learn more about the different gadgets for the bass.

That’s why in all our sections we give detailed explanations about the different bass accessories, their features and recommendations.In this way we try to answer the frequently asked questions of hundreds of beginner bassists who enter the world of bass.But of course, you don’t always have time to read detailed guides, or you are just looking for a quick answer. That’s why we’ve created this section of Frequently Asked Questions, Quick Answers.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Electric Bass

Who is the inventor of the electric bass?

The inventor of the electric bass is considered to be Paul Tutmarc , who was the first to make a bass to play horizontally like the guitar, although it is worth mentioning that Lloyd Loar may have been the first to have the idea of making an electric double bass, and Leo Fender is considered the pioneer of the electric bass thanks to his Precision bass.

What is the name of the person who plays the bass?

The person who plays the bass guitar, or who plays this instrument, is simply called a bassist. (tixagag_7) How is an electric bass guitar made?

The construction of an electric bass is the result of years and years of effort and dedication of great Luthiers .An example is in this series of 6 videos on youtube, which shows step by step the process of making an electric bass handmade. But if you are a little bit handy, and you would like to make your own bass , there is an easier and cheaper alternative thanks to the “build your own bass” kits. In our bass player gifts section we include it as one of the best gift ideas.

What is the difference between a bass guitar and a guitar?

The basic difference between a bass guitar and a guitar is the sound. The electric bass is an instrument for playing very low notes and creating the melodic base, but there is also a difference in size between the two, as well as the number of standard strings.

What is the sound of the bass guitar like?

The sound of an electric bass is usually very deep and low . It is due to the great thickness of its strings, its tension and the manufacturing characteristics of the instrument itself.

How does an electric bass work?

The bass works just like any other plucked string instrument with an electronic circuit, i.e. it does not need a soundboard like guitars or acoustic basses.
But there are genres like Jazz or Funk where this dynamic changes. If you want to know more, here we talk about the function of the bass in music.

What types of basses are there?

There are different ways to categorize the different types of electric basses, but if we were to list them all together, we would tell you that there are 11 generic types of basses: active or passive basses; electro acoustic; 4, 5 or 6 string; fretless or headstock; short, long and extra long scale.
But this is very generic. If you want to know more, here we describe what types of basses exist.
What are the differences between an active bass and an active bass?

What parts make up the electric bass?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and we can tell you that a bass guitar is composed of a total of 14 parts :
2 main parts or pieces, the neck and the body, and 13 basic components that are distributed throughout the instrument: headstock, pegs, capo, web, fingerboard, frets, pickups, bridge, pickguard, pickguard, selectors, clamping screws and plug.

How many brands of bass guitars are there?

If we were to count each and every one of the brands of bass guitars that exist today, we are sure that we would leave some out. And the fact is that there are more and more low quality instruments manufactured by brands for platforms like Aliexpress.
However, we identify 17 great brands and talk about them on this page about different electric bass brands.

What is the best bass guitar brand?

We can’t say which is the best brand of bass guitar. There are many great brands that make quality instruments, with different physical and sound characteristics. Although it is true that there are very famous and typical brands in the bass world: Fender and Ibanez.

How many strings does a bass guitar usually have?

A standard bass guitar always has 4 strings. But it is also more and more common to see basses with 5 or even 6 strings. In this article we tell you how many strings a bass guitar can have.

What are bass guitar strings called?

Bass guitar strings are named according to the note of their standard tuning. For example, the strings of a 4-string bass guitar are called

    1. E
    2. A
    3. D
    4. G

Where (E) is the thickest, the 4th, and (G) is the thinnest, the 1st.
If you want to know more tunings, we recommend you to check our article on how to tune a bass guitar and types of tunings.

How do I know if my bass is active or passive?

Active basses have a circuit powered by an internal battery. So if your bass uses a 9V battery (usually located under a cover on the back of the body) it is active.
However, there are models that also have a battery but are passive. So another way to check if your bass is active or passive is to remove the battery and check if it plays in the amp. If with the battery removed it works, then it is a passive bass.

Who is the best bass player ever?

Given the great variety of musical styles, genres, and subgenres, it is impossible to say who is the best bass player ever.
Moreover, in this question we could include double bass players and bassists together.
So this question must be answered in terms of who are the most influential (electric) bass players in history.

Among others, they are: James Jamerson, Larry Graham, Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, or even Flea. But we left out a lot, and depending on your taste, someone will tell you one or the other.
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