History of Electric Bass – The Origin and Evolution

bass guitar history

Contents0.1 The double bass0.2 The Electric double bass0.2.1 First electric double bass in history0.2.2 Electro Bass-Viol0.3 Paul Tutmarc and the first electric bass of the history0.4 Leo Fender and the current electric bass0.4.1 Fender Bassman0.4.2 Leo Fender’s commercial success0.4.3 Monk Montgomery0.4.4 The perfect alliance: Precision and Rock&Roll0.4.5 The success of the Leo Fender Electric Bass0.4.6 … Read moreHistory of Electric Bass – The Origin and Evolution

Types of Bass Guitars

different types of basses

Contents1  Types of electric basses1.0.1 Electric Bass Type Index1.0.2 Bass types according to your pickups1.0.3 Bass types according to the number of strings1.0.4 And finally, we cannot finish without talking about the different types of basses according to their scale.1.1  What kind of bass purchase Classification criteria for Bass types Most of the people, they … Read moreTypes of Bass Guitars

Musical Intervals for Bass Guitar

intervals in music

Contents1 Origin of musical intervals1.1 Interval Structure1.2 What are Intervals for?1.3 Chromatic2 Classification of Musical Intervals3 Table of Musical Intervals3.1 List of Musical Intervals As we saw in past Lesson , 12 musical notes that we use in the West to create music are separated from each other by a semitone. This is the minimum … Read moreMusical Intervals for Bass Guitar